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The name Fit Fitness Freely was established as a beacon of light in 2019, to help show women that fitness and nutrition don't have to take over your entire life. I use my own perspective and past personal struggles along with the experience of helping over 100 other women understand their relationship with food, exercise, and themselves to find the underlying mindset limitations within their nutrition and fitness journey. I can speak from personal experience in overcoming nutritional mindset obstacles like irrational views with food, food obsession, as well as the accompanying feelings of guilt, judgement, and shame which lead to repeated patterns within the process of reaching the goal. Over the past 4 years, I've taken a deep dive into developing a better understanding about self-awareness, mindset, and behavior modification in order to answer some of the underlying questions that I, like many other women, have been struggling to answer for ourselves.

This self-education on the psychological interactions we have with food and reaching our goals made an impactful shift on how I approached the relationship with myself, nutrition, and fitness. Allowing me to develop the tools to help break the vicious cycles for myself and over 100 of the other women I have coached who also became trapped when attempting to reach their dietary or fitness goals. Working together you will be provided with all the tools, knowledge and support to apply nutrition and fitness in a way that works for your body and lifestyle to sustain after our time together.  

i'm ready!

Sound like your kind of place?


Fit Fitness Freely is for those who...

Have tried all the things just to feel more like a failure.

Are ready to unlock the journey that finally feels free and break up with food rules, destructive beliefs & habits for good.

No longer are interested in doing things to force yourself into a box, guideline and restriction to reach your goals. (PS we eat carbs over here!)

Eager to learn about nutrition, your body and how to apply it through all seasons of life.

Want to build a lifestyle by learning oneself to FINALLY, Fit Fitness Freely. 

behind the scenes


If I'm not working with my clients, you'll most likely find me at the gym, spending time with my pup or reading. I have competed in 4 bodybuilding shows, 2 at the national level and placing top 3 as a National Physique Bikini Competitor. My love for the stage hasn’t died since I began dancing at 5 years old for 17 years prior to starting my fitness endeavors. I love and admire bodybuilding and the strength it has shown me over the years and continue to expand my fitness capabilities to transform into the best version for myself, my clients, and seasons of my journey.

My life's purpose has become focused around helping women like you put all the pieces together, as we work together to create a lifestyle that is freeing. This is your reminder that you are ALLOWED to enjoy food, honor your body and love the process of reaching your goals. No more guilt and shame around food or fitness. No more questioning or wondering if you are worthy or capable of reaching your goals. 

You are. 

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